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Thanks, Tom. This is good stuff.




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Howdy Jim,

Okay, here's what you do.

1. Start the audio game.

2. Press insert plus the 6 key on the number row, not the numeric pad. This
takes you straight into configuration manager.

3. JAWS may want to create a new configuration file whose name corresponds
to that of the audio game's executable. Go ahead and do that.

4. Press alt+s to open the Set Options menu.

5. Open Advanced Options.

6. The first thing you'll land on is a checkbox called "enable sleep mode".
Check that by pressing the space bar, then press enter.

7. Press ctrl+s to save the configuration file, then press alt+f4 to exit
configuration manager.


No more double-speech.  JAWS should go into sleep mode every time you start
the game.


Good luck. 



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