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Appalling! I'm shocked, I say, shocked! Bugs in JAWS [pick your version[? 
Whatever will we do?

Good catch. I hadn't noticed that it was grabbing the wrong field. All I saw 
was that the keystroke didn't work at all until I changed it in the keyboard 
manager. Now I can consistently execute a function that does not work properly. 
I'm so relieved.


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  The reason that people can't use the Reply Directly to Sender feature in 
Outlook Express is that FS breaks it about every other update.  In the Build of 
JFW 11 that came on the DVD, it's putting the list address into the To field 
instead of the sender's address.

  In every new version of JFW, we get new features and new bugs, like the 
DECtalk Access32 no longer working bug.  And sometimes, we just get the old 
bugs back again!

  Gary King

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    Why not just use the Ins+Shift+R keystroke?


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      I'm not trying to run anyone's business,

      But I feel that a lot of you may not know this, so I will tell you a easy 
way to reply to a message but send it to the sender and not the list,

      1 press alt+1 twice quickly

      it will highlight the sender's name

      2 press ctrl+C

      this will copy the sender's address to your clipboard

      3 press ctrl+R

      to reply to the message

      4 delete the list address in the To: field and paste in the sender's 
address from your clipboard.

      Well, thats my 2 cents




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