Re: searching for files on my computer

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  • Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2011 22:28:43 -0700

no, and I'm on XP and J12 and fully up to date, it sounds like you picked up 
something else along the lines

either that or your just now getting the wide spectrum first search that I have 
since my first try at windows XP years ago where you need enter/spacebar on a 
selection button to get to the main search window? 

on my comp it depends on where I am when I hit the search button as to which I 
get but when I do get the series of buttons, a hit on all files brings up a 
normal search box.

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  From: Bob W 
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  Subject: searching for files on my computer

  I am using jaws 12 and windows xp home.

  I am having problems doing a simple search for a file on my computer. Things 
were fine until several updates ago.

  Now I get a dialog that gives me all kinds of choices such as searching 
through email, my desktop, everything but a simple search for a file named 
such-and-such on drive y in folder z.

  Does anyone else have these problems?



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