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actually, no you don't, you can run any application with the run dialog box, 
and the sound drivers not being loaded can be bypassed with the use of a pair 
of USB headphones and, though this one hasn't been tested, quite possibly with 
a USB sound card, I know that when I plug my external sound card in everything 
running or not (though I would start jaws after plugging the sound card in, 
just in case, but on my computers the external sound card takes over no matter 
what was running and/or when it was turned on

so, this will take care of this. (post oops, sort of!)

another line to reinvestigate: , now remember this was way back prior to 
millennium coming out, but in the win 98 days, doss drivers would run an 
external synthesizer. I even had some access to my bios using both jaws for 
dos, a bit of medaling with the drivers loading and a external hardware 

and a tech friend of mine from over the pond and way up north also devised a 
simple set of applications and a small tool that would hand start the drivers 
for the sound card if you knew what they were, and would then start jaws 

and it worked. 

the problem now a days is I am having a heck of a time finding the command line 
code to load drivers anymore! 

if you can load sound drivers, it would be possible to have jaws in safe mode, 

ach, ok, correction you could have limited jaws in safe mode due to the minimal 
video drivers used in that mode, but still you could hear/see something. 

hmmmm, has anyone tried NVDA with either USB headphones or a USB sound card? 
that may work better than the minimal jaws you'd get in SM. 

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    Hello everyone.

    Always been curious about this. What does everyone else do when the 
computer needs to be booted into safe mode? 

    I can't boot my machines into safe mode without sighted assistance.
    How come after all these years there isn't a way to get speech in this 
all-important area? Seems kind of insane...or am I missing some magic solution 
that should be obvious?

    No, I don't think so.  When you boot into safe mode, your machine loads 
only the essential drivers, and those don't include drivers for audio devices, 

    Some years ago, I saw a machine in safe mode drive a serially-attached 
Dectalk synthesizer with a version of Window-Eyes, but it couldn't be done with 
JAWS at the time.  

    Thinking about this issue raises an interesting question. Since USB drivers 
are loaded in safe mode for keyboards, mice and so on,  I wonder if it would be 
possible for FS to develop a safe driver that could be used with a USB-attached 
hardware synthesizer, or, if you could use a USB sound device and use Eloquence 
or other software synthesizers with it. That would be really cool.  I just 
don't have the technical knowledge to determine if something like that is 
feasible.  Until then, I just have to find somebody with working eyeballs to 
help me out when booting a machine into safe mode. 


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