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  • Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 14:30:45 -0400


I believe FS is essentially using your PC, as it has been mine, as a test subject. In that light, I suggest you ask this question directly of the FS rep you've been consulting. I had the same reaction and question, but didn't need to get to the question and so don't have the answer.
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I'm resigned to spending a couple of hours or whatever it takes to try to comply with FS tech support's requests that I launch my Jaws 8 in default mode so as to not involve any changes I may have made to default.jcf in my personal (Admin, in my case) file.

I've tried this out briefly, but as it will take a lot of time to run through each and every scenario in which Jaws does something wrong, I really hate the idea of doing all this at the low speech rate that you get until you change it in the voice options in the Jaws window, which is the first thing I usually do after installing.

What I'd like to know, if the technically experienced can advise, is will making no more modifications than speeding up the speech rate blow the entire experiment? I mean, this won't involve me going into Configuration manager to make "serious" changes,which I suppose would create an increasingly complex default.jcf. Just the speech rate.

Anybody know if that one tweak would be okay, or would it ruin the whole thing in a diagnostic sense? Thanks.
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