Re: rules in windows mail and jaws

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  • Date: Sun, 06 Mar 2011 17:56:28 +0100

rulling the whiles. hmm hmm hmm. dood ood doo

Le 12/01/2011 19:42, Kerri a écrit :
But it states it is neither checked nor unchecked.

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hello there;

you just need to press the spacebar to select a specific criteria.

then, tab to your next criteria which would be,

move to specific folder

all boxes are unchecked by default.

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    Hi, all, this is for a friend.When you go to make a rule you start
    by pressing alt+t and then r. Then you press m for mail and n for
    new. After that, by arrowing down ir up there is a list of criteria.
    I want to check the one that says: Where the to line contains
    people. But I can't seem to get it checked. I've tried pressing the
    enter key, the space bar and alt+c (which it says to do). If I go to
    the next field by tabbing so I can enter on the field that says:
    Move it to the specified folder, I am told I have to check a
    criteria first. I hope I've been clear. And thanks for the help.

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