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Hi Jenny;

Below is information about what you are looking for.
Routing jaws to PC cursor This is better described as moving the mouse 
pointer to the PC cursor position. You achieve this by pressing insert plus 
the num pad minus key. Pressing the arrow keys will now move the mouse 
pointer around the screen. However importantly you will not be able to 
"scroll" the pages you are viewing down.  To do this you must return to PC 

Routing PC to Jaws This then becomes moving PC cursor to mouse position. You 
achieve this by pressing insert plus num pad + Moving the cursor will enable 
Jaws to control objects on the screen and for example scroll down a multi 
page document or web page.

The final thing is to remember restrictions. Sometime in Jaws or Mouse 
pointer mode you do not want to move around the whole  screen but want to 
keep within an application or frame. You can toggle these restrictions by 
pressing insert plus R. If your jaws cursor does not appear to be going 
anywhere you probably need to set unrestricted movement by pressing insert 
plus R until you hear unrestricted.

Hope this is not too confusing.

David Griffith

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Hey Jenny,

Not really sure about the cursors, but if you who are I think you are, email 
me off list.

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I haven't used the rooting of the jaws and pc cursors in a long time. Could 
someone refresh my memory? Jen

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