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What happened to the letter "R" after the insert+space?

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  1. press jawskey plus space.
  2. type your search term.
  3. tab once to get the the research choices.
  4. if you're not already on the choice you want,
  type a hot key i.e. b for bbc or p for people search etc.
  or use your up and down arrows to find your choice.
  5. press enter.

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    I can't find the key strokes to get to the main research it window where I 
can choose what category to choose for my look up tool. When I press the key 
stroke to open research it it takes me to the dictionary with the word jaws 
already entered. How to I get back to do a new search. Thanks


    Drew Hunthausen
    Mailto: dhunthausen@xxxxxxxxx

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