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  • From: "Yadiel Sotomayor" <yadosotomayor@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2010 18:42:25 -0430

When the computer means "reply to sender", it means the original sender of the 
messege. Since the list is the one sending us the messeges the list appears as 
the "sender". What's the science and fuzz of all this. Just press jaws key, 
shift and R and there you go.
From: Cy Selfridge 
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Subject: RE: reply to sender


Not only does the wind need to be in your favor but you must also be sure that 
the moon is in the proper phase.



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 sorry about my last email , I find davids way more reliable and have just done 
it twice this evening on xp laptop using Jaws 11,it will also work on windows 7 
using msoutlook but the message must be open first of course it does help if 
the wind direction is in your  favour !

Yadiel Sotomayor


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