Re: removing authorization key, putting it back later

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  • Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 18:25:28 -0500

Bruce, Rick, John and the rest,

Each side in this exchange has many supporters. The problem goes to the nature of Freedom Scientific. Is it a commercial enterprise engaged in a consumer business, when the customer is usually deemed to be right, or is it a group of do-gooders to whom customers should be grateful and compliant? I don't know if it's clearly one or the other. They're a dot-com, not a dot-org, so they don't hold themselves out as a charity. But we also know they serve a small market in which the competition is limited.

With this ambiguity, it's understandable how passions can ride so high.
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You're the only one screaming,f rom what I can tell.


On Tue, 30 Jan 2007, John Heim wrote:

Look, I've already said several times that I understand how it works. Please stop explaining to me *why* it works the way it does. That isn't going to change my opinion. First of all, I understand how it works. Second, I don't care.

I don't care about the technical explanation. Why would I?The bottom line is that I can't swap out my CD-ROM drive if it fails without phoning FS.

In my opinion, the authorization scheme shows a huge amount of arrogance on the part of FS. Either that or foolishness. I don't think they can afford to anger their customers right about now. Not with VoiceOver and orca breathing down their necks (not to mention Windo-eyes).

Maybe this is OT for this list. Is the future of JFW a valid topic? If so, I am saying that I am not happy. I have actively begun looking for alternatives. VoiceOver looks very promising. I'd probably have switched by now except it has one killer defect, it doesn't read the terminal window text unless you use the cursor keys. It's like you have to use the jaws cursor and arrow around in the window. Several of us VO users have entered bug reports with Apple about this. I'm hoping it's fixed in the next release of the MacOS. If so, I'm outta here and FS has blown a $1000 re-licensing fee.

Of course, they'd probably lose me as a customer anyway as soon as either VoiceOver or orca get to be good enough to be used every day for real work. Maybe they realize that and figure JFW has a limited life anyway. That would explain why they're so draconian about licensing. Maybe they're trying to get as much out of it as they can before it's obsolete.

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John, Part of the auth code is the computer's hardware fingerprint. This is crucial when activating JAWS. If you chaarge a hardware (for example, CD-ROM or adding additional memory (which I've done), the next time JAWS starts, it will find that the hardware is different from what it is used to. When you look at the locking code (hardware fingerprint), you'll notice that it has changed. At that pointeay'll need to reactivate JAWS. Locate your Auth CD and activate your software. If you remember your auth code (20 alph-numeric string), type it in the auth box. Cheers, Joseph

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Subject: Re: removing authorization key,
putting it back later

I don't know which way is better. A couple of weeks ago, my CD-ROM drive died. I swapped in a new one and lost my jaws authorization. Now, that is bogus. Why in the world would I have to reauthorize a license for anything just because I swapped out a CD-ROM drive? Oh, I know there is a good *technical* explanation. But from a customer service standpoint, that is truly bogus.

When you pay $1000 for a piece of software, you expect better service than that.

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Subject: RE: removing authorization key,
putting it back later

This is really not as big a hassle as it seems. In a lot of ways, ILM's are less trouble than their predecessors. You no longer have to worry about an optimization program trashing your key. Furthermore, if you do need a fresh supply, getting replacements is far easier than it used to be. The old process involved either reset codes, which did not always work, or waiting for a fresh disc to arrive.


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not only that, if you change any hardware in your system the ilm authorization is render invalid.

Legend has it that on Monday 1/29/2007 11:23 PM, Joseph Lee said: Patricia, ILM is different from Quela authorization. If you have Quela autherization (JAWS 5.1 or earlier), use HJAUTH utility to save the auth key back to the diskette and install it later. With ILM, you can indeed remove auth code, but you cannot install it later. You'll need to activate it again (ILM looks for the hardware fingerprint in order for it to work). If the drive is changed (for example, formatted), then it will ask you to reactivate it. Cheers, Joseph

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Subject: removing authorization key, putting
it back later

is there a way that you can remove your authorization key (sauy for formatting your computer) and then putting it back later so that you don't have to redo your keys thereby losing another key? I don't see any way of doing this, and am asking on a friend's behalf but I think that if there ins't a way there should be because then people wouldn't have to constantly call FS or fill out the form online.


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