Re: removing authorization key, putting it back later

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  • Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 15:28:08 -0600

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For one thing, it's not a problem. It's by design.

It's  a problem  for me! I don't care if it's by design.

My CD-ROM dies and instead of just being able to swap it out, I have to call FS and get reauthorized? That's bogus. Why would I care if it's a bug or by design

For a second thing,
if you're going to be using it, you'd darned well better read up on it.

Who says?

An authorization scheme that requires you to study it is itself a defect. I'm a professional programmer. And I consider it a failure on my part every time I have to explain how to use one of my programs. Sometimes it's impossible to have things simple enough that they need no explanation. But I haven't had to study the authorization scheme for any other software I've ever licensed. I don't lose my Windows XP authorization when i swap out a CD-ROM drive.

Third, whether you or anyone else thinks it's stupid is irrelevant, this
is the way it is. Ranting and stamping your foot isn't going to change

First of all, I'm not "ranting" nor am I "stamping my foot". I'm stating my opinion just as you are stating yours. If you're questioning why I'm talking about it on this list, well, it came up. Why are you talking about it?

But more importantly, this is how things get changed. They certainly won't change if nobody complains. I told FS that I found their authorization scheme unacceptable. I did them a favor in doing so.

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