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There is a program called youtube downloader which can help you a lot. It is
very very very accessible and very very very small. After downloading those
videos with their original format, you can convert them using the same
software to MP3 or to other video/audio format. I hope I help you







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Hello everyone, I was just wondering is it possable to download/record
youtube videos? This is because for example sometimes I like to type in
things like how to play the piano so basically I would type something like
"how to play moonlight sonata on the piano" into the search box on the
youtube website. I ask about is there any way to maybe download/record the
videos because it can get quite fustrating because I have an ear impairment
as well as being blind, and sometimes I don't always hear the notes. So I
have to refresh the page and start all over again. grrr It would be nice to
we wind and fast forward in the video though. But I heard you can download a
youtube video and store it on your local hard drive for future reference. If
any one has done this then any step by-step guidance will be wonderful to


Best Wishes 



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