Re: real speak voices and jaws

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cary, cary, ring rijng ring.

Le 15/01/2011 05:07, Kerri a écrit :
Oh well, I shall resign myself to Microsoft Anna, what a cross I bear.
How do I increase the volume.

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no they do not, sorry


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    Would the voices that come with 8 or 9 work on win7 64 bit?

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    those voices only work with jaws or other fs products. you'll have
    to either get a cd that came with jaws 8/9 or buy those voices.

    On Jan 12, 2011, at 11:10 PM, Kerri wrote:

    Hello all. I installed the jaws real speak voices and I want to use
    them as my system voices. In the control panel I see only Microsoft
    Anna, is it not possible to use real speak any longer as the default
    voice? I’m running win7 and jfw 12.

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