Re: questions about roxio, dll files and window upgrade

  • From: "Vy Pham" <thaovyngu@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 15:08:55 -0400

Thank you so much for the directions! Now, my next question is: how can I 
format a cds before using them? Last time when I tried to use the cds with 
roxio, it required me to format the cd first. 

Please help! Thanks. 
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  With many thanks to Jerry from this list I got these superb directions from 
him when I first started with Roxio.  Good Luck, Judith
  I've noticed some of your tribulations with E Z CD. I use it and have never 
tried the XP cd burning capability so I stayed out of it.

  What you do is on the start menu, click on programs, then Roxio. If yours is 
like mine, there will be a choice between applications and project selector,

  choose applications, arrow down to EZ CD Creator and hit enter. What you have 
now are small windows which you can tab to. In the first, you find the file

  you want to copy. This may require some maneuvering, like backspace to go to 
the larger folder, for example my documents. After you hit enter on it, You

  have to tab to the next window to locate the sub folder. This is where it 
differs than most file searching where you hit enter and the sub folder opens

  in the same windo.

  When you find the file to copy, hit control T. This places it in a separate 
window in which you can see what will be copied.

  With your CD r w in the burn drive, hit alt and arrow down to where it says 
copy or make CD or the like.

  If you are using this as a floppy, don't finalize when the session is over.




  Go to jfwlite, programs, easy CD 5 creator scripts 


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    From: Vy Pham 
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    Subject: questions about roxio, dll files and window upgrade

    Hi everybody,

    Can someone please assist me with few of these questions? First, where can 
I find the JAWS scripts for the roxio easy cd creator? Can someone again please 
walk me through on how to burn a cd using roxio? 

    My next question is about the dll file extention. I am currently using 
windows 2000. I was trying to remove the win fixer 2005 from my computer. I 
went to the add and remove software from the settings menue. I was able to 
remove the win fixer 2005 from add and remove software successfully, at least 
JAWS said so.  When I'd reboot my computer, the win fixer still came up. I once 
again went to the c drive, in to program files, and selected the win fixer 
2005. There were about 37 files in that folder. I was able to remove about 27 
of them, but still, there were about 10 files left that I couldn't get rid of. 
All of these are the dll files. Everytime I hit the shift delete keys, jaws 
said something like, cannot delete because the file is being used. That's 
something I don't like about windows 2000. I am asking the xp users on the 
list, will I have the same problem when upgrading to windows xp then? Is it 
hard to upgrade, and where can I get the directions on how to upgrade? 

    Thanks, I hope my questions are clear enough, so that everyone can 
understand them. I know I have too many questions to ask. I would be very 
thankful for any suggestions you can give me regarding these problems. 


    Vy Pham

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