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I'll be only able to answer a few of your questions. smile
The only text adventure games I know of are the games for the BN EmPower, 
however, it is possible to play them on the PC.
To put JAWS into sleep mode
Make sure you are in the game you want to put JAWS to sleep.
1. Press insert six on the number row which will take you to the JAWS 
configuration manager.
2. Go to the menu bar with the alt key, arrow right once then down until you 
hear advanced options.
3. Press enter and there will be a checkbox that will allow you to put jaws to 
sleep in only that particular game. Remember to save your settings!
Hope that helps.

Anjelina& my doxie Fritzie
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in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made."
-M. Facklam-
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  Hello All,

  I had gone to the blind programming website a couple of weeks ago and 
downloaded the Winfrotz text to speech engine and wanted to send a link to a 
friend, but when I went to the site today, it was not there. Does anyone know 
where to get it? Also, does anyone know of any free text based JFW friendly 
games-preferably adventure type games? 

  Finally, does anyone know how to put JFW in sleep mode when playing a self 
voicing game?

  Take care,


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