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When you get the untagged document and it wants to prepair for reading tab
to cancel. Then you will hear no document available, do not worry. The doc.
Is there but as the PDF image. Now, go to file and down to save as and you
get the standard dialog box for saving something. Just select where to save
it and click on save.


Also it is easier to do the following. When the web site, highlite the link
you want to save and move the jaws curser to that link and read it to besure
the jaws curser is on that link. Then, do a rite click which is the * on the
num pad and you will get the drop down menu and errow down to save and hit
enter and you get the standard dialog box for saving. It depends on what
operating system you are using. In my xp it will first ask you if you wish
to run or save the applilcation hit alt + s to save and then you will get
the save dialog box.



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If you have not been answered.


After it prepares to be read it should be just that.


Beyond that no idea.

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I need to save a PDF document from a website, and can't seem to do it. It 
shows up as a link, and when I either try to enter on it, spacebar, left 
click or right click, I get the same message that it's an untagged document 
and needs to be prepared for reading. It also says that my assistive 
technology will not work while this is being done. Then the window closes, 
and nothing happens. It's not saved, and I can't open it on the page either.

any ideas? I'm using JAWS 8 with IE 6 and Adobe reader 7.0. Thanks.


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