Re: outlook express problems

  • From: "John Fioravanti" <fioresq1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2011 07:59:24 -0500

Jack: thanks. But for some reason I went into options, unchecked and checked 
everything again and it's working. Who knows, with these computers? Thanks.
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  From: Bob - KA5ETA 
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  John you might try going to tools, options, then tab once to go to my "IN" 
box or something like that.  Anyway it is the first tab you come to and make 
sure it is checked to go to the "IN" box.  I hope this is clear and helpful.  
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    From: John Fioravanti 
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    Subject: outlook express problems

    Hi: I am using Jaws 10 with outlook express. I have a main account here, 
and my account for my law office. When I send from this (main) account, I'm 
getting an error message after a few seconds, and jaws won't read the error. 
What happens is the outgoing mail goes to my outbox and interestingly continues 
to stay there and send as long as it is in the outbox. It is not going to my 
send box. When I delete the message from my outbox, it stops sending and there 
is no message in my send box. My law account works fine and my same main 
account on my laptop works fine. Any suggestions? 
    John Fioravanti 
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      From: Angela Delicata 
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      Subject: RE: origin of an email

      Using  Outlook 2007 alt-enter displays the origin of an email.




      Angela from Italy.



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      I can confirm that this information is available in OE. I've also been 
unable to find it with Outlook, in my case 2003. The file menu doesn't bring up 
properties in or outside the message, nor does alt-enter, which brings up 
properties in OE. Just now I tested the applications key. Inside the message it 
displays a line for properties, but says it is unavailable. Outside the 
message, properties isn't even brought up with the applications key.


      I hope there's a solution. 



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      Subject: origin of an email


      Just for kicks and giggles I would like to do the following.

      I have posted questions concerning email issues and someone would write 
back, "I see you are using outlook 2007 so here is what you do bla bla bla bla 

      My question is how does one access that information? I have been told to 
go into the properties of the message with the email closed so I press 
alt-enter to go into the properties and I was told to CTRL-tab to the details 
property sheet.  However, when I go into the properties, I only have the 
general property sheet and no details property sheet.

      Last night someone was able to see what the name was on my computer, 
which is called kimsan-pc and I use Charter and I am from Washington state. The 
person also mentioned to press CTRL F3 to access the properties from within an 
open message and that doesn't work. I'm thinking the CTRL f3 route only works 
for outlook express, which I am using outlook 2007.

      In closing, can someone explain why I am not getting the details property 
sheet, which provides all of this information? Also, I suppose to find out 
where the person is located, they did a reverse IP look up, how would I do 
this? I am not trying to do anything suspicious lol, just wanting to learn how 
to do this.



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