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  • Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2008 17:48:39 -0800

Hi Carlos;

I had this same problem about a month ago.  It turned out to be another 
program interfering with my video card.  You should probably have your 
friend call Freedom Scientific Tech Support so they can listen to what his 
Jaws is or is not reading rather than playing around with it.  Because if it 
is a viewing issue it can be very tricky.  Good luck.


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  Hi lister,
  I have a friend who has jaws 9 and outlook express.
  When he would send email it would say to... cc... bcc... and subject.
  Now I don't know what he did it only says edit.
  It doesn't tell him wich line he is on.
  I also have jaws 9 but regular outlook.
  I told him to do a alt plus space and x to maximize the window.
  I thought this would fix it but I guess not.
  He is new to computers only having his first computer for less than a 
  So any help would be appreciated.

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