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  • Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2005 02:06:03 -0800


Since you are using Windows XP,
1. Go to your control panel.
2. Look for the add remove programs.
3. Once you are in the add remove programs window, press your tab key and look for the button that says, "Change/Remove".
4. Once you find it, press your down arrow keys and look for the button that says, "Add/Remove windows components".
5. Once you find it, hit your space bar.
6. Once it done, press your down arrow keys and look for Outlook Express. If Outlook Express is installed, hitting your space bar uncheck the highlighted item. If you want to install again this program, Please do step 1 to 5 and do the same thing in step 6.
7. Once you are done, look for the next button and press enter.
8. After pressing your enter key, please wait for a while to uninstall or installing the program. Once it is done, you will go back to the add remove program.
9. Alt + F4, to close the add remove programs window.
10. Once it is close, again, press the combination keys to close your control panel.
11. Restart your computer and once it resume, go to your all programs and look if Outlook Express is still installed. If you cannot find the Outlook Express program, then, it is already uninstalled.

HTH Roden

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