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There is no "tools" menu in 2010. I think I just need a good Office 2010
tutorial. I've been exploring the tree view, and this is what I have. When I
collapse all folders, I end up with three folders in the tree view, one is
"favorits", one is "Outlook Data Files" and the last is bvegiard@xxxxxxxxx
All my old stuff is in this last folder, and the Inbox I'm currently using
is also in this last folder. The other two also have "inboxes" but they
don't have anything in them, and the "sent" and "deleted" are in the
"favorites" folder, and again don't have anything in them. So somehow I set
things up to get email into this third foder, which is probably not where
Outlook expects it to go. I think the new folders I've set up and put mail
into are supposed to show up under either "Outlook data" or "favorites," but
I have not marked them correctly to show up where I want them, so right now
I don't know how to get to them.


I know I shouldn't have upgraded before finding out if there was support for
this new system. Didn't really think about it, but I will next time. Since
I'm new to my area, I've asked the Department of Rehabilitative Services to
give me some computer support as I gear up for job hunting, and once they've
jumped through their hoops, I hope to have someone come help. Thanks for any
insight you can provide, but I'm aware this is more of an Office issue than
a JAWS issue.




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As to Sent Items, take a look in Tools/Options/Preferences/E-Mail Settings.
Should be there somewhere to post your sent items in that folder.


As to deleted, Tools/Options/Other should have a checkbox for emptying the
deleted items upon exiting. Might want to turn that off.


All this is with 2007, but I'm going to presume that some of this carried
over to 2010, or at least you'll get close.



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Yes, I can get to my tree view. But the "deleted items" and "sent" folders
are empty, so there's a setting somewhere I guess I need to change to keep
that stuff. Also, I've set up folders under what is now called "favorites"
but they do not show up in the tree view. If I hit the context menu on a
particular message, I can put it in the folder I've created, but I don't
know how to get to the folder and open it, as it does not seem to be in the
tree view where I'm used to finding it.


Upgrading headaches.




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Press Control + 1 to focus on your inbox.


Press Control + Y to bring up the tree view where you can select from the
various mailboxes, IE: inbox, drafts, deleted, etc.  Select the one you wish
to explore and press enter.


Hope this helps.



Richard P. Kelly

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I am using 2010, but I don't know that I can be helpful. I'm rather confused
by it myself. I had help with the basic install, but since then have been
trying to figure it out. I did somehow import my contacts and mail folders
from my previous Outlook, but again that was a while ago and I don't
remember specifics. If anyone else is really trying to work with this, I'd
be interested. They've changed a lot since 2007, and I can't find simple
stuff, like my deleted items folder and the folders I've set up to store
emails. I know they are set up, but they don't show up in the tree view and
I don't know where they are. Big sigh.




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is anyone using outlook 2010? I need some help with setting it up and
configuration. Thanks




Drew Hunthausen
Mailto: dhunthausen@xxxxxxxxx

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