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Press Control + 1 to focus on your inbox.


Press Control + Y to bring up the tree view where you can select from the
various mailboxes, IE: inbox, drafts, deleted, etc.  Select the one you wish
to explore and press enter.


Hope this helps.



Richard P. Kelly

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I am using 2010, but I don't know that I can be helpful. I'm rather confused
by it myself. I had help with the basic install, but since then have been
trying to figure it out. I did somehow import my contacts and mail folders
from my previous Outlook, but again that was a while ago and I don't
remember specifics. If anyone else is really trying to work with this, I'd
be interested. They've changed a lot since 2007, and I can't find simple
stuff, like my deleted items folder and the folders I've set up to store
emails. I know they are set up, but they don't show up in the tree view and
I don't know where they are. Big sigh.




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is anyone using outlook 2010? I need some help with setting it up and
configuration. Thanks




Drew Hunthausen
Mailto: dhunthausen@xxxxxxxxx

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