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No, the program should be there under Microsoft Office submenu under Programs. Press CTRL+JAWS Key (Insert will do)+V to check the application version. Outlook 2003 is version 11.0, whereas OE 6 is OE 6.

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I forgot how to determine the version of a
program, can anyone tell me how to determine if I have outlook express 6 or 2003? From my digging around the programs file, accessories and the desk top I don't think I have microsoft outlook. Judith
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Judith- Outlook and Outlook Express are
quite different. There is no calndar in Express. You just said that you have Outlook Express6. If that is what your tital bar says, then you are not in Outlook.

Outlook is part of Microsoft Office. You
would have had to buy it.


Judith Bron <jbron@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 01/26/07
3:09 PM

Bob, I just did that but all I got when
pressing the letter c was a pinging sound.
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Outlook has several little
programs within itself. To access the calendar with Outlook opened do a CTRL+Y and type the letter C till you hear Calendar and them enter to open it

   Good luck


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My daughter just told me that microsoft
"outlook" is a calendar that she claims saves her sanity. How do you access it? Judith

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