Re: norton ghost 2003

  • From: Bill <>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 04 Dec 2004 23:26:30 -0500

stan you could not be more wrong, first of all i restored using ghost 2003 
just 3 days ago and i did so in windows xp.

xp with service pack 2 and n t f s file system.

you issue the command in windows then it reboots and preforms it in dos.

its able to do this because during the install ghost installs its own dos 
in a virtual partition.

secondly i also backup using the windows interface.

once again you issue the command in windows and it reboots performing the 
task in dos.

both task are as easy as it gets.

of course to do this you need to be able to get into windows, and most of 
the time i can.

secondly if i am unable to get into windows then i use the dos boot disk 
that you make your self that allows one to reinstall a stable copy of your 
o s prior to the trouble with windows.

that boot disk contains a batch file that does all the work and
hence no speech  or dos hardware synth is needed to accomplish the task.

all you need to do is remember the name of the batch file and type it in at 
the dos prompt and press enter.

then wait and presto you reinstalled


p s another tip, suppose my registry is messed up.

like it was 3 days ago.

first i tried system restore.

system restore was unable to return me to a registry copy that was not 
messed up.

translation, system restore in xp sucks.

so my first step prior to doing a restore was to do aback up.

you may ask why i would want to back up the screwed up version, read on for 

after doing that backup i did a restore to a version i maid a month ago.

now that i restored to a back up maid a month earlier i realize i forgot to 
backup a file on my desk top so the new image over wrote it and destroyed it

so i lost the file, or did i.

so i launch ghost explorer, pick file, pick open and open the backup i 
maid  that was corrupted.
so i am loading the corrupted and newest ghost image into ghost explorer.

its just like windows explorer so no learning curve.

go to desk top and find the file, copy it to clip board and then launch win 
explorer and paste it on to the desk top.

got my file back.

don't know about you, but i believe in ghost.


ghost nine is a totally windows based solution.

if you need to do a reinstall it will use a windows boot cd is my guess and 
that boot disk with windows on it will not contain the sound card drivers 
for the sound card hence no speech.

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