Re: no solutions?

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  • Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 08:05:46 +0330

Just wait sixty seconds, change the picture, and try again. There is usually a 
"get another challenge" or something like that link. If not, just refresh the 
page. I'm not sure that your form will still be filled in, however.
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  Hi Ken here with a question and wonder if either list can answer it.  From 
time to time, Webvisum will say no solution was found for a Capcha image.  It 
just happened on Facebook.  What is the thing that makes Webvisum not solve 
one?  I could have used the audio challenge on the Facebook, but will log off 
soon anyway.  Can you tell me also how long you have to wait to get a new one, 
or how to get a different capcha without having to log off then back on again?  

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