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hmmm, jaws 10 will not speak when installing a newer version because it takes over. but its probably the mirror driver that's not signed and the system is asking to continue anyway or cancel.

Legend has it that on Sunday 11/22/2009 04:35 PM, Dave Carlson said:
Suggest you re-install JAWS 10 and then have it speaking through the JAWS 11 install. You can have several versions of JAWS installed simultaneously -- no need to remove the previous one, and frankly I don't advise doing so. You may need to go back if the current one is buggy.


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Well, this is the first time in all the years I have been using Jaws that I can not get anywhere with installation.

I put the Jaws 11 in my cd/dvd drive, it comes up and only goes as far as the point where it says to press enter to start the install.

It does say it will take several minutes, but it never starts, as there are no clicks.

Since my Jaws 10 is unloaded, I can't read the screen to tell what is what.

I went to the FS site to download it from there, but the fTP download stalls out, too.



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