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MessageHello back 

Thanks for getting back to my e-mail so soon and thanks for the helpful info 
from the what new section of jfw 8 on the freedom scientific site.  This 
confirms for me what new voices are included with jfw8 on a separate CD.  

Happy surfing 


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  the below is an excerpt from the jaws what is new section.
    it answers your question regarding this matter.  
  I do hope it provides you with the assistance you were looking for.

  RealSpeak Solo Speech Synthesizers 

  Included with your package is the RealSpeak Solo, SAPI 5 synthesizer CD. It 
contains a variety of voices in several languages. To install these voices,
  insert the CD into your computer's CD-ROM drive. Then, follow the 
instructions to select which voices you want to install, and complete the 

  The following voices are available on the English/Spanish CD:
  Summary: This table states the languages and RealSpeak Solo voices available 
on the English/Spanish CD.
  table with 2 columns and 6 rows
  RealSpeak Solo Voices on English/Spanish CD 
  RealSpeak Solo Voice 
  American English 
  Jill, Samantha, and Tom 
  British English 
  Daniel and Emily 
  Australian English 
  Karen and Lee 
  Latin American Spanish 
  Castilian Spanish 
  table end

  Note: Additional languages will be available from your international 

  Note: The RealSpeak Solo synthesizers cannot be downloaded from Freedom 
Scientific. You will receive your RealSpeak CD as part of your upgrade or SMA 

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    Is it at&t natural voices Mike and Crystal that is included on a separate 
CD with JFW 8? or on this included additional voices CD, is it other At&t 
natural voices? or is it some neospeak voices and if it is some neospeak 
voices, can someone please tell me which ones?  If someone using JFW 8 can 
please get back to me in regards to my above curiosities about the included new 
voices CD, I would be very much appreciative.  Thanks.

    Happy surfing 

    Hank Merchant Jr.

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