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  • From: "Amando Tortolero" <tortolero@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 23:09:28 +0100

sorry, but i donot know
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  is there any documentation on these latest scripts  such as a change log?
  I went to the site However there is no page there.
  on 07:07 20/11/2006, Amando Tortolero said:

    you can find the latest skype-scripts at:
     the latest as far as I know anyway.
    amando tortolero

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      you are writing about skype-scripts version 2.75

      there is a skype-script 2.98

      I do not know where I got it, but I shall try to find the url and let the 
list know.

      I thought I got it from somebody on this list. in fact, that's how I came 
on this list.


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        in my experience with 2.5, it's just as asccessible with jaws, as the 
earlier versions, if not more, since 2.5 makes use of MSAA for there list views 
and sutch.

        The scripts for skype which can be downloaded from 

        beta scripts, work great wiith 2.5. They just need to be compiled 
again, so after copy pasting hte files, just open them in script manager and 
alt f s.

        I'm in a little bit of a hurry , but I hope this helps someone.

        skype: serrebi2006 if you need help.

        as a side note: skype 3.0 beta is a little bit of an accessible hurdle. 
THe main skype download is fine, but unless you are good with a little 
unaccessible progs, don't go looking for skype 3.x, as it doesn't work 
perfectly even with the scripts. THey changed the interface, added skining, etc 
etc, that's probably why skype support was dropped from jaws 8.0, honestly I'm 
surprised no one brought this up yet... It prob needed more work!

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          Subject: new skype

          Anyone know if the Skype version 2.5 is good with JAWS?


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