RE: new laptop and jaws trouble.

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  • Date: Sun, 6 May 2007 09:30:39 -0700

Hi there,

What is the brand and model of your ;aptop? And what is the model of your
graphics card?





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Hi everyone. I was on this list awhile back, I've since upgraded to jaws
eight, latest updated from April 26.  Here's what's going on: if I close my
laptop lid, then open it back up, jaws won't read the system tray, just says
no selected item.  If I click on an item like skype, using the letter s it
opens.  I've set the laptop to do nothing when I close the lid, I've even
turned off hibernation.  Also is anyone else having a problem where jaws
will stop reading the fields of mesages in outlook express?  Again I find
this when I close the lid of the laptop.  Now for the specs, windows xp
home, two gig of ram, 80 gb hard drive.  If anyone can fix this I would be

Thanks for the help,

I apologize if there are any errors, no spell check on my new This is a dell
inspiron fifteen o one I think.system yet.  

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