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so david,
i do not use windows email so should i tell everyone not to ask for help on 
this subject???  what is the difference for all you know that person or others 
may not even opened windows email 11 yet but since you have a answer you will 
answer the question and not critisize that person for asking.
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hello there;
to get to the contacts in windows live mail, you can use, ctrl+#3 and ctrl+#1 
will take you back to the inbox.
as for adding attachment from your documents,
create your new message,
now to add the attachment,
use the keystrokes, alt+i, then pres, i/a this will allow you to find and 
attach your file.
hope this helps.
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Subject: need help with windows live mail 11
Hi, all.
I have JAWS 12, and use Windows Live Mail 11.  I have to attach a document into 
the “My documents” file from an e-mail, and so far I can’t.
Also, I can’t delete contacts from my contacts list, what used to be called 
“Address book” in Outlook Express.  Freedom Scientific had no help at all for 
me, and neither did my sighted friend who put the computer together. He can 
only do things with the mouse, not the keyboard, so has no idea what keys will  
get me to the Contacts List.
Don Wardlow

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