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if you turn on the tutorial mode/messages and the      access keys 
announcements you will get the keystrokes for them, 

you will also probably find many of the keystrokes in the ribbons tutorials 
that can be gotten from freedom scientific just use the updates and add ons in 
the jaws help menu

below is the info on an audio tutorial and a text tutorial on windows live mail 
that I have right now. 
for an audio tutorial on using windows live mail!
go too:
 and look for the presentation by someone named Mr.  Asner.  
Its an MP3 file that you can download and listen too.  

and below is ryan of the windows starters list's tutorial on windows live mail:

Just thought I'd compose a little tutorial for those new to Windows Live 
Mail. This process will take you from downloading and installing to setting 
up WLM. Hopefully Windows Live Mail will meet your email needs too as it has 
for me.

Using Windows Live Mail on Windows7
Note: the file you will need to install Windows Live Mail is called 
wlsetup-web.exe. You can download it from Microsoft here:

Installation of the Windows Live Mail email client contained within Windows 
Live Essentials:
1. Hit enter on the wlsetup-web.exe file to begin the installation. You 
might have to wait about a minute or so as the configuration of the 
installation is being performed.
2. Once the installer finally opens select the programs you want to install, 
and then click Next. You will actually have to uncheck items as all of the 
Windows Live Essentials will be checked, and if you only want to install the 
mail component then you have to down arrow through all the choices making 
sure to press spacebar on the components you do not want. You will know they 
are unchecked because as you arrow through these items once again you will 
not be given their checked or unchecked status. The only thing you should 
hear that is checked is Mail. Tab to next and hit enter.
3. Sit back and relax, or do other things on your computer while you wait. 
You can use your screen reader's hotkey to read the title bar to determine 
the percentage of the installation remaining. The whole installation will 
take about 5 minutes.
4. When the installation is complete you'll be informed that you can find 
your new programs in the Windows Live folder on the Windows Start menu. You 
will also be given a choice of installing 3 other things. I forgot what 
these items were, but I unchecked all 3 of these things without negative 
repercussions. Tab to next and hit enter.
5. The final screen will ask you if you want a Windows Live ID. I did not 
choose to do this, so I tabbed to close and hit enter to complete the 
Windows Live Mail installation. Here is what you will be asked in this last 
"Do you have a Windows Live ID?
To get the most from your new programs, use your Windows Live ID to sign in. 
If you use Hotmail, Messenger, or Xbox LIVE, you already have a Windows Live 
ID. If not, it only takes a minute to sign up."
Note: for more information on Windows Live ID go here:
6. You can now go to your start menu and up arrow until you come across 
Windows Live Mail and hit enter to launch it.

Since this is a new installation of Windows Live Mail you will now begin the 
process of adding an email account, so let's tab through the next 3 screens 
and dialogues making sure to enter the correct information requested of you.

7. In the first screen you will be asked for your Email address given to you 
by your ISP or otherwise E.G.: Anyone@xxxxxxxxxx You will also be asked for 
your Email account password so make sure you have this available.
8. In the second page of this Add account wizard, if you have chosen to 
manually configure your ISP and server information, you might want to call 
your ISP for help as this is pretty technical information being requested of 
you. I will add that some internet service providers may not help you with 
this process. I chose to complete the install on my own and pretty much kept 
everything the way it was presented and essentially took the defaults with 
the exception that I specified my incoming and outgoing server information. 
I entered in the edit fields: incoming: and out:
9. The third page of this account creation wizard will give you this notice:
"You have successfully entered in the information required to set up your 
Finish Cancel"
10. Close Windows Live mail and relaunch it. You will probably get a message 
asking you if you want to make Windows Live Mail your new default email 
client. Choose yes.
11. I would now go into the Windows Live Mail options and make my personal 
configuration changes such as choosing to send/receive email as plain text 
and so forth. To do this press alt T for tools then up arrow to Options and 
hit enter. There are several tabs here with lots of configuration 
possibilities so go through each of them beginning with the general tab.
12. Try sending yourself a test message to make sure all your settings are 
13. If this applies to you, make sure you go to All programs and look for 
the Microsoft Outlook entry and use your windows applications key to find 
properties and hit enter. You want to remove any hotkey you've associated 
with Outlook as you will no longer use it. I would then go back to the All 
programs menu and find my way over to the windows Live Essentials entry, hit 
right arrow to open it up, then down arrow to select Windows Live Mail. You 
can now use your windows applications key and hit enter on properties to 
assign a hotkey to quickly launch Windows Live Mail. If you lose focus 
simply alt tab and you should be on the properties sheet again.
14. At this point I would give the following Podcast a listen. Hopefully the 
podcast will not put you to sleep too as its dull and monotonous but useful 
for new Windows Live Mail users.
Look for this text: Tek Talk presents Gene Asner, March 15, 2010 by Gene 
15. Feel free to write this W7Starters list in the event you have any 
problems with the installation or use of Windows Live Mail.

Ryan  end "

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  Hi, all.
  I have JAWS 12, and use Windows Live Mail 11.  I have to attach a document 
into the “My documents” file from an e-mail, and so far I can’t.
  Also, I can’t delete contacts from my contacts list, what used to be called 
“Address book” in Outlook Express.  Freedom Scientific had no help at all for 
me, and neither did my sighted friend who put the computer together. He can 
only do things with the mouse, not the keyboard, so has no idea what keys will  
get me to the Contacts List.

  Don Wardlow

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