RE: music editors?

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  • Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2004 08:37:12 +0200

Hi Cheryl,

GoldWave, either 4.26 or 5.06 will do it for you. Obviously, the sound's =
representation on screen is not readable by jaws but since I use it =
regularly, (I even registered my copy a while ago), I'm quite happy with =
running it with Jaws because its menus and controls are really =

You can download an evaluation copy of GoldWave at =
<>. I could do real work and many interresting =
things with such a demo version before deciding to buy it.

However, please be aware that doing real work with such a beast may =
require careful reading of the quite long html documentation which is =
provided with the software, and also puch patience and time investment =
but, in my humble opinion, it may definitely be valuable.

Hope this may help. Have a ice day. Chris

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hi, everyone. I'm hoping someone can help me with something. Does anyone =

know of a music editor that works well with jaws? I've got a bunch of =
some of which fade in, others fade out, and still others fade both in =
out. these are parts of a concert, and i'd like to remove the fades so =
it'll sound more like a concert. To attempt to make this jaws related, =
running windows xp home, and jaws version 5.0844. Any help will be =
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