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Well, you should probably make sure you have a screen name and password via AIM 
first before trying to use Miranda.  The reason for this is that Miranda is 
merely an instant messaging client that supports several different protocols, 
but it isn't a substitute for those different services.  I know--it's nice and 
complicated! :)  Actually, once you get the hang of it, it really isn't that 
bad--it's just that if you're not used to Miranda, it can be a bit frustrating.

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  Hey Guys:


  This may sound like a dumb question but when you sign up with Miranda and it 
asks you for your screen names and passwords for msn, yahoo etc., can you enter 
them from Miranda itself or do you have to preregister with all the instant 
messenger programmes before you can use Miranda.  I ask this as I can not seem 
to register with aim itself and was hoping I could somehow get around this 
issue.  Every time I sign up aim keeps saying that the fields are not completed 
which they are because I have had sighted people check to make sure I wasn’t 
missing something.  Any help would be appreciated I am beginning to hate my 
computer.  It’s great when it does what I want it to.  Thanks in advance.


  Liz Wade

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