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  • Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2011 17:12:05 -0800

I think you need to first create uniform tables and then fill them in. A 
uniform table has a single cell at each row/column intersection, and the same 
number of columns in each and every row.

JAWS is much more reliable with uniform tables. No merged cells allowed.

Use the table wizard to do this.

Another suggestion is to use MS-Excel to develop your tab scores, then copy the 
complete range of rows/columns and paste into MS-Word. It should automatically 
create a uniform table.

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  The answer to this quiry might best be answered by someone who is also a 
musician as well as a JAWS user.  I am using msword tables with JAWS  to make 
guitar tablature that talks.  The colums are for the measures and notes and 
their values.  The rows 2-7 are the 6 strings on a guitar.  One thing that has 
happened is for the pc cursor to be putting the note and value in the wrong 
column.  It does this by itself.  Another thing that has happened is that one 
time the same table works fine with the keyboard commands then the next time it 
doesn't.  I get a message stating that the table is non-uniform.  What I'm 
trying to do is create a table that doesn't do this.  I'm not sure how to 
determine what point value I need to fit .  I'll give you a sample


        3 ¼




  As I made this it went from uniform to non-uniform.  Any ideas?



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