mailing another lister off list (Re: Jaws & Vista users...)

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You can do this a couple of ways without too much trouble.

1. If you're using Jaws 7 or 8, you can use the Reply directly to Sender 
feature. Friends, please note that this is not the Outlook Express function 
of replying all or replying to all. This is a different thing, totally a 
Jaws feature. Thanks.

In the two versions, the keystrokes are different. In my own Jaws 7, it 
happens to be set up to use control shift r, and in Jaws 8, it's set for 
insert shift r. I can't be sure what your keystroke might be, but you will 
have the ability if you're in 7 or 8.

When you press that, Jaws will say "replying directly to sender," and your 
focus will be at the top of the message, waiting for you to begin writing, 
just as if you'd simply pressed Control R in OE. To reassure yourself that 
the trick worked, it may be a good idea to shift tab up into the To line of 
the headers, and make sure that the right address is actually there. But 
this function usually works fine, so I'm only saying this so you know how to 

2. The old-fashioned thing, one way amount others, would be to go ahead and 
press control r in OE if you're using OE, but then before you start writing, 
arrow down to the headers of the message to which you're replying. Now find 
the From line that has the sender's address. isolate it from the rest of 
that line, copy it to Clipboard, and then shift tab up into the To line of 
the headers. Press home to be at the left end of that line, press shift end 
to select to end of line, hen paste in the address you've got in the 
clipboard, and it will replace the address of the JFW list.

Others might suggest selecting the JFW address in the To line by pressing 
Control A for select all, because they like to do that. which is fine. Works 
the same.

Hope this helps. Even the second suggestion isn't so much hassle once you do 
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Mark, I wood email you off list but you did not give your email address.  As 
I'm sure you know, in order for Jaws to work with Vista, you need to have 
Jaws 8.  If I had your email address, I may be able to help you. 
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  Subject: Jaws & Vista users...

  Hi folks,

  Having recently purchased a new PC with "Vista".  I am struggling with it 
and would be grateful if any any other "Vista", users could contact me off 
list with any tips or general advice.  or even a good source of simple info, 
as so far the so called "Help", menus have enduced more confusion then I 
started with!  I previously had been using my old PC for many years with 
Windows '95 and various versions of jaws and if it hadn't started to fall 
apart so, I would have happily continued using it !




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