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  • From: "Chris Hallsworth" <christopherh40@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2009 15:39:21 -0000

I am not having focus issues at all with JAWS 11.

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Subject: lost focus

what is with it with the lost focus, i never had this before the jaws
eleven. how can i get rid of this. thanks, karen

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        Subject: Re: a query about my version of jaws

        No, this doesn't indicate if the pro version is running or
authorized. I'm copying an edited message posted some time ago that explains
two methods for making this determination. As an aside, I don't understand
why they're both so convoluted.
        I think we have to be precise in the terminology we use, so here
        Edition of Jaws: either Standard or Pro.
        Version: This is only the number that defines how up-to-date the
copy of Jaws is.
        There are two ways to find the "Edition."
        1. Go to and follow the steps. This will require
you to enter your serial number.
        2. Go to Start then P then J then down arrow to Tools then right
arrow then down arrow to ILM Authorization Viewer and press enter. You will
have to wait awhile for the information to be displayed.
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        From: robert Doc Wright
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        Subject: Re: a query about my version of jaws
        do an insert j arrow up to about and enter
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        From: stephen faill
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        Sent: Friday, November 27, 2009 3:26 AM
        Subject: a query about my version of jaws
        hello list.
        i am hoping someone can help me out here.
        i am wanting to know if the version of jaws i am running is either
the home or pro version.
        my operating system is windows xp home and my jaws 10 works on it
but i am wanting to know if it will work on a xp pro system?
        any help is greatly appreciated.
        stephen faill

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