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One it will not work on your braille display unless it works like a usb hub.
also, the mobile jaws needs to install a video driver and the mobile jaws wil only run for 40 minutes. to work indefinitely you will need a dongle which is another device that looks like a flash drive and it will have your serial number on it. ----- Original Message ----- From: "George Zaynoun" <george.zaynoun@xxxxxxxxx>
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Hi folks:
I would like to buy jaws on a thumb drive and know from freedom's website that there is such a version. My questions are do I buy the thumb drive myself or do they send it to me? How large should the drive be to be enough for jaws? Does it have to be a u3 enabled drive or that is not necessary? Can I install the jaws thumb drive version in the alva bc640 braille display since it appears in the pc as a removable kingston drive? Having asked all these questions let me not forget to ask if the price is the same for such a version in comparison with the pc version, thanks.

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