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  • Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 07:08:22 -0800

I think I knew what she meant by the subject line... but you're right I 
interpreted it the same way. one of the reasons I think there may be duplicate 
messages, is because sometimes you'll be reading a messsage for help and want 
to reply, so you do, but then realize that someone else has already done so... 
that's why some duplicate messages might happen... 
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  From: John Ramsey 
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  Subject: RE: keep this list clean

  Hello Judith,

  When I read the subject line I thought it was referring to some obscenity as 
well. Nonetheless, I appreciate your point of view and would like to add that I 
don't think anyone is intentionally giving "wrong information" and messages 
asking for clarification of a prior request for help might be numerous but are 
not necessarily problematic.

  Just my two cents.

  Take care,


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  We have 2 moderators for this list and they do their job very well.  If you 
have no interest in reading duplicate messages about a thread on list just use 
your delete key, everyone else does.  As for what people have time to do, that 
is none of your business.  Also, if you are going to go on list with a message, 
I would suggest you use a spell check, your spelling is atrocious.  Most of us 
understand the subject line, "Keep this list clean" to mean that there was 
offensive language in one of the messages.  The people on this list never use 
dirty language in their messages, we are too sophisticated for that.  Besides, 
if such words were to cross our list the moderators would have kicked the 
offending person off list!  If you are going to communicate with a list, learn 
the vernacular of the group you are communicating with!  We have people on this 
list from all over the world and don't need anyone hiding behind a national 
flag and calling the rest of us offensive!

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    From: Amando Tortolero 

    To: jfw 

    Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 7:29 AM

    Subject: keep this list clean

    dear list members,

    since a few weeks i am member of this list and i try to read every mail in 

    that is very difficult, because there are a lot of things in it, which 
donot belong here.

    member a has a question and several members give the same answer. that 
cannot be changed, but some days later a member, who has answered already 
several times, gives an answer that has already been givven several times. that 
is unnessecasy.

    some members seems to have a lot of time and answer every mail they get. 
also when they donot know the answer or they give a wrong answer.

    over the weekend one member has apologied 3 times for a wrong answer.

    i would like to ask you to keep this list clean and anly keep it for 
questions about jaws and correct answers for them.

    there are several chat-sites about jaws where you can write al the other 
things you want to get rid of.

    if you want to react to this mail, that does not fit in this list, so sent 
me an email personally:


    thank you very much for your cooperation.

    amando tortolero

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