jfw w/ windows xp

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  • Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 10:17:01 -0500

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BlankI all,=20
I've noticed that there are times when I'll be doing something, it can =
be absolutely anything & I'll loose speech.  I its still running b/c I =
usually have to unload 7 reload it several times to get it working =
again, or just restart my entire computer.  I posted about this before & =
some one said to upgrade to v 4.51 well I did that & now I"msuing 5 & it =
still does it.  Its not all the time, & it does it in all applications.  =

p.s. am running jfw 5 along w/ xp hme. =20
Maurine & Firefly=20
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