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How much is this is you buy the version? Glenna
Glenna Burgess

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  I've found an excellent alternative to programs like Limewire and Kazaa that 
works fantastic with Jaws.  The application is extremely fastand won't bog down 
your system.  You also get extremely fast download speeds.  It's called Ares 
and can be found at  There are some steps you have to 
take to make it work if you're using Windows XP with SP2 loaded on it but it's 
nothing difficult. The two steps that have to be taken are very simple and 
straight-forward.  The only drawback is that the basic version of Ares installs 
some adware but if you purchase the upgrade, you won't have any of the adware. 
I'm intending to purchase the upgrade soon.  For me, it would be well worth it.


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      Subject: jfw and lime wire

      Hi listers, a few weeks ago I remember someone out here asking about 
scripts for jfw and lime wire.  I have not heard anything any more post 
regarding the matter, although I am very interested in knowing the answer as to 
if there any scripts or if any one can get lime wire to work with jfw.  Also 
the person who asked the original question mentioned getting someone to write 
scripts for it.  I would be interested in knowing if he got a reply to that 
question as I would be interested in getting a copy of scripts or talking to 
who ever might be able to take on the script writing project.  I am very 
interested in being able to download music files, audio books, and movies from 
the net and don't know of a good working program that I could use with jaws.  I 
at one time was using winmx with scripts, but I guess winmix isn't working any 
more.  If any one can shed light on this matter please reply.  If you desire my 
private email can provide that so as the list does not get caught up with 
messages regarding my request.


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