RE: jfw 10, vista problem?

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Yup, I particularly enjoy the lockup function in Microsoft outlook. Nice

Cy, The Anasazi.



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I'm not surprised. There have been some unusual "features" with JAWS 10.
I've gone back to JAWS 9 until they come out with JAWS-for-real 10 or JAWS




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I'm having this problem with email. I can't open windows live mail at all.
it will load once after I've logged on or restarted my PC, but wont work
after that until I log off again.


I never thought of it to do with JAWS 10 though.




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Subject: jfw 10, vista problem?


After installing jfw 10 on a machine running vista business, we are
experiencing the following problems.  I am not sure if it is a jfw related
problem however.

I can not run most windows related programs such as windows update, control
panel, and others.  When I highlight one of these programs and press enter,
as far as I can determine, absolutely nothing happens.

For example, if I am on the start menu, and arrow down to windows update and
press enter, I windup on the clock.

If I am in internet explorer, open the tools menu and arrow down to windows
update, press enter, I end up on the page I started with, in this case,

I can get into control panel, only using run and using a command line such
as control timedate.cpl.

I have done many google searches and tried some of the suggestions I found
without any result.

Has anyone seen this using jfw?

If not, I'll continue looking for an unrelated solution.






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