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  • Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 20:58:41 -0400

Well, when you get one from gateway or some similar place, far as I know, 
you get the hole system, but building my own or having them built, I use my 
old monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers, not to mention I can have it 
built to my specs and not stuck with what they give me and I find that I pay 
even having them built for me, about 1 third of what I would with the same 
thing at gateway. Also, I found me a sound blaster live card I liked and 
have brought it with me through the last 2 computers, it's actually the 
sound blaster live platinum which I find works great with jaws. I suppose if 
you don't like any toys and you just like a basic machine it might be close 
in price to have one built as from gateway or some one, but I like a lot of 
stuff, my memory card reader, I like a CD/DVD writer as 1 CD drive and I 
like a basic one too for copying and all, also now a lot of new computers 
don't come with floppy disk drives, those of us that build computers still 
put them in and that helps with JFW, I know it can be requested but you'll 
pay for it. Another thing I find, if you have one built, it's all generic 
parts, if you need something fixed or want to add on to it or upgrade it, 
you can have just anyone do it where as Gateway, Dell, and other companies 
make it so you have to use their stuff for the most part so that can be a 
pain especially if it's out of warranty and they want to charge you just to 
talk to you. As for sound cards to recommend, I'd say the sound blaster 
cards are all good, pretty much anything these days, only one I've had 
trouble with is the onboard card, VIA AC-97 but beyond that, I had an old 
turtle beach card here that worked very well, my sound blaster card in this 
one and the other one in my backup computer is good.
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> How do you know what will and won't work with jaws?  Are there any certain
> types of soundcards that shouldn't be used?  A long time ago I checked 
> into
> having one built and the cost was comparable to one from Gateway, so are
> there any benefits to doing so?

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