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  • From: Bill <>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 21:19:19 -0500

hmm both choices are usulally good choices.

try getting a A T I video card if possible and preferrable one with no t v out.

other cards will work but with A T I being the biggest manufacture more 
bugs will be resolved with it for that reason.

[ t v out can be disabled if it causes a issue with jfw. ]

now if your switching from 98 to xp be aware xp is not as fast.

xp by it self is much more stable, unfortunately where still putting on 
apts that can easily cause one to crash so its not a perfect beast.

in addition you need more umph for an x p system.

so the real question is do you have the c p u to run it and memory 

janice was right on about the memory requirement.

if you decide to build it your self

be aware that being able to put onit what you want also means you need to 
have the knowledge to no what is out their.

for instance suppose you decide to build, what case should you get?

determining factors, include power supply,

internal harde drive space, external bayh space.

not to mention factors like cooling, noise, and the ability to access ports 
and sound card from the front of the case.

by the way my experience with home built systems has been very good due in 
part to the fact i start with hi quality components.

usually around 400 watts for the power supply, and think most store built 
systems have closer to 300 watts.

the 400 watter gives me an extra margin of reserve power and also allows me 
to add stuff to my systems.

store bought systems often have issues if you start adding extra stuff to a 
power supply that is only adequate.

realize both avenues are good ones depending on your needs.

home built systems are not any cheaper any more but can offer a upgrade 
down the road for less money.

for instance just pulled my mother board out of my mini tower and stuck in 
a 3 gig A M d withone gig of memory for 400 dollars.
the memory was 169, processor 115, mother board 100 dollars.

this type of swap is not possible with most store bought systems, they have 
moved to custom mother boards to make this type of upgrade impossible.


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