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That's what I was afraid of.
I guess I'm going to have to get sighted help with some settings.
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  You're not alone.  Freedom Scientific may not have heard of this yet, but 
that does not mean it's not an issue.  I know exactly what you are talking 


  Visually, all the controls for MJ are still there, but Jaws does not see 
them.  You can navigate to the graphical controls, but Jaws does not see them 
for labeling.    


  Richard P. Kelly



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  Does anyone use magicjack with jaws?

  It use to work fine, but I guess magicjack updated or something.

  It will still work on the web sight, but not the splash screen

  I used to be able to tab over to everything, but now jaws wont do anything.

  I talked to FS tech support as well, they said that they haven't heard that.

  So any ideas?

  Dewey Bradley
  Springfield Missouri

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