Re: jaws with avast

  • From: Chris Hallsworth <christopherh40@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 05 Feb 2010 16:12:20 +0000

Uninstallign Avast may require sighted assistance. MS Essentials is yes free.

Chris Hallsworth
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On 05/02/2010 16:06, Omar Binno wrote:
Can I just uninstall avast from my computer the same way you'd normally 
uninstall a program, or do i have to use their uninstall tool? Also, is ms 
essentials free?
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   From: Cy Selfridge
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   Subject: RE: jaws with avast


   I have removed Avast and am now using Microsoft Essentials.

   Microsoft's anti virus software seems to be very useable and does a good job.

   Avast had a bum update in December or early January and it allowed some real 
crap to seep through but Essentials did a good job of removing it.

   Go with Microsoft.

   Cy, The Anasazi


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   Subject: jaws with avast


   I know a lot of jaws users use avast antivirus. I just downloaded it from 
their website for my laptop, and it seems that their new interface is totally 
inaccessible with jaws. has anyone else experienced this?


   Omar Binno

   AIM: LOD1116
   Skype: obinno1

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