Re: jaws, talks, or mobile speak

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For those kno about Window-eyes 7.0, please let us kno.

From: Allan Wong 
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E65 frequency:
2G: 850/900/1800/1900 also known as quad band.
3G: UMTS 2100 also known as W-CDMA 2100.


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I'm using Talks with a Nokia e65 which is a quad band phone and supposedly 
can work anywhere in the world. I know it has another setting in addition to 
GSM but can't remember what its called.


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> Hi all!
> When it comes to using talks or mobile speak the big answer is it depends
> upon the operating system for the cell phone.  talks works on symbian
> phones which tradditionally only work on the "gsm" network which is what
> exists in europe, and some providers like rogers.  mobile speak runs on
> phones that have the windows mobile operating system.  In Saskachewan
> canada the phone company SaskTel uses cell phones that use the "cdma"
> network, as compared to the "gsm" found in europe.  "the CDMA type of
> network is what is used a lot in north america.  Anyways the Windows
> mobile operating system is very much like windows, and the mobile speak
> program permits complete access to the cell phone using the windows mobile
> operating system.  Windows mobile 6 is very much like windows we all use
> on our desktops,  my phone has internet explorer, outlook express etc... I
> recently purchased mobile speak and am running it on a windows mobile 6
> cell phone called a 5800.  The mobile speak can use numerous
> different voices.  check out the web site and you can
> listen to all the options.  one neat aspect of the mobile speak program is
> that a person with the new version 2.-0 purchases a license for the
> package and can easily move it from phone to phone as you upgrade to newer
> models.
> So the big question is what operating system the cell phone uses, will
> determine talks or mobile speak.    Codefactory permits a 30 day trial of
> the software as well and its available over the net as well.
> also there is a list of cell phones that mobile speak works with on the
> code factory as well.
> Shan Noyes
> Shan Noyes
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> Technical Analyst - Corporate Security
> SaskTel
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