Re: jaws stopping and refusing to start up

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Settings, control panel, display.  That is a control-tab combo box.  For
recommended settings for JFW and Win XP, look under Jaws Support on the
Freedom Scientific website, or, look under JFW help, Operating System

Here's the info from that section:

Windows XP and JAWS

Windows XP and JAWS

This topic discusses settings changes we recommend you make when using JAWS in
Windows XP Home or Professional. You must be logged in with administrative
rights to make several of these changes.

Many of these settings are changed within Control Panel. To open Control
Panel, press the WINDOWS KEY to open the Start Menu, move to Control Panel,
press ENTER. Depending on your system settings, Control Panel either opens in
a separate window, or the Control Panel items open as a sub-menu.

We recommend making changes in the following areas:
List of 5 items
. Display Properties
. Folder Options
. Start Menu
. Windows Explorer
. System Performance
list end

Display Properties
List of 9 items
1. From the Control Panel, move to "Display" and press Enter.
2. From the themes combo box, select Windows XP.
3. In the List of backgrounds on the Desktop page, choose Bliss.
4. Set Position to "Stretch."
5. In the Screen Saver combo box on the Screen Saver page, press HOME to
select none.
6. On the Appearance page, set Windows and Buttons to Windows classic style.
7. Set Color Scheme to Windows Standard.
8. Set Font to normal.
9. Close the dialog.
list end

Note: After making these changes, the Display page Themes combo box says
"Modified Theme."

Folder Options
List of 5 items (contains 1 nested list)
1. From the Control Panel, press ALT+T to go to the Tools menu.
2. Press O for Folder Options.
3. From the Tasks radio button group, select Use Windows Classic folders.
4. (Optional):
List of 5 items nesting level 1
A. On the View page, move to the Advanced Settings tree view.
B. Clear the Hide Extensions For Known File Types check box.
C. If you also use screen magnification software, clear the Show pop-up
description for folder and desktop items check box. Pop up descriptions often
the menu item just below any given menu item, making it impossible to visually
see the next item in the menu list.
D. Move to the Apply to All Folders button and press SPACEBAR.
E. Select Yes in the dialog that opens to acknowledge this change.
list end nesting level 1
5. Move to the OK button in the Folder Options dialog box and press SPACEBAR
to close this dialog box.
list end

Start Menu
List of 6 items
1. From Control Panel, Move to Taskbar and Start menu and press ENTER.
2. From the Taskbar page, press ALT+G to move to and uncheck Group Similar
Taskbar Buttons.
3. Press ALT+H to move to and uncheck the check box for Hide inactive icons.
4. Press CTRL+TAB to move to the Start Menu page.
5. Select Classic start menu.
6. Press ENTER to close this dialog box.
list end

Windows Explorer
List of 10 items
1. Press WINDOWS KEY+E to open Windows Explorer.
2. Press ALT+V to open the View menu.
3. Select "Arrange Icons by" and press ENTER to open the submenu.
4. Move to the menu item "Name" to arrange by Name, and Press ENTER to select
this and close the menus.
5. Repeat steps 2 and 3, and move to the item "Show in Groups." If it is
checked, press ENTER to uncheck it and close the menus.
6. Press ALT+T to open the Tools menu.
7. Press O to open the Folder Options Dialog.
8. Press CTRL+TAB to move to the View page.
9. Press SPACEBAR to activate the "Apply to all folders" button, and press
SPACEBAR on the YES button to acknowledge this change.
10. Move to the OK button and press SPACEBAR to close this dialog box.
list end

System Performance
List of 6 items (contains 1 nested list)
1. From the Control Panel, move to System and press ENTER to open the System
Properties Dialog.
2. Press CTRL+TAB to move to the Advanced page.
3. Press ALT+S to activate the Performance Settings button. The Performance
Options Dialog opens.
4. Clear the following check boxes:
List of 4 items nesting level 1
. Animate Windows when Minimizing and Maximizing.
. Slide open Combo Boxes.
. Smooth-scroll List Boxes.
. Use Visual Styles on Windows and Buttons.
list end nesting level 1
5. Press ENTER to close the Performance Options dialog and return to the
System Properties dialog box.
6. Press ENTER to activate the OK button and close the System Properties
dialog box.
list end
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Steve, how do I check my video display and which settings should it be on
for the screenreader to work best?

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