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Hi there,

A JAWS script is a type of mini program that allows JAWS to work with
applications that are not accessible. Before I jump to how you can find out
about keystrokes, I need to tell you how the script actually works:

When you press a keystroke such as CTRL+END, JAWS will search the script
that is associated with the application that is currently running. If it
finds one, then it will run its script. If it cannot find it, it will then
search the default script file. If it finds one, then it will execute the
script associated with the keystroke. If it finds none, then it will pass
the keystroke directly to the application as though JAWs is not running.

To find out how certain keystroke works, I suggest that you use Keyboard
Help (JAWS Key+1). This is useful when you are learning keystrokes for an
applications. To turn on Keyboard help, press JAWS Key+1. To turn it off,
press JAWS Key+1 again.





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Hi, although I have been using jaws since v3.7, I only use the basic
functions which I need for using the computer.  Can you please help me in
understanding the working of jaws script?

I know that jaws script is used to improve the accessibility of a certain
application for jaws users.So if I have a script for, say, winamp, what do I
do with it? Save it to the jaws folder?

How do i know its functions for the application?

And, is there a need to learn new keystrokes or hot keys?


Thank you very much!



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