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thanks I practised muting and unmuting the dell as a man was working in garden 
he wasbaffled a bit by jaws,heuses applehimself.  anyway I know it said "day 
view and a date, and6 days overdue, I do not use the calander in msoutlook, or 
come to think of it in my ocr which I  better not name but has a very good 
calendar The bell that dongs started after the last download ,  like Jaws is 
trying to tell me something I will take your word it has nothing to do with 
Jaws,but  Jaws did say it,I do not buy anything on line I do not trust 
computers enough yet if I need to pay I do by phone or card  also on telephone 
I am very wary  if the manageress at my local banksaid  and she did"I would 
never bank on line" that is good enough for me
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  That overdue sounds like a reminder of some kind, but I don't think it's a 
JAWS message; JAWS just happens to be reading it.  There's no context in which 
that could apply to JAWS.  Do you have a calendar, Outlook or otherwise, 




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   apart from 6 days overdue, a bell rings it did this after the last download, 
it also says "day view and gives a date, what does Dayview mean let alone 6 
days over due,Jaws is not acting normally but is mercifully not muted dorothy 
Yes sending from  very old laptop it will have avg so you see is not like 
Msoutlook which as ms essentials and has an apostrophe in outgoing mail,no idea 
why dorothy


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