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Hello Dorothy.


As I believe was stated in an earlier e-mail this is nothing new. Freedom
scientific has always in the past given current SMA holders from the time
the product is released until the end of the year a discount to renew the
SMA. If for whatever reason you cannot renew the SMA before the end of the
year you pay 60 more dollars to renew the SMA up until the next version of
Jaws for Windows is released. If you wait until the next version of Jaws for
Windows is released you then have to purchase the Jaws upgrade before you
can buy the SMA. Keep in mind you are not obligated to have used your last
SMA count before you can purchase another SMA. The reason I mention this is
a lot of times I will go ahead and purchase my SMA with my birthday money
which comes in June. I also purchase the SMA in the year opposite of when my
SMA is to be renewed so that I don't run up against the December 31 deadline
before the price goes up by $60.


I hope this helps.


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 Charles put out a post on the 24th subject was jaws getting better or
worse, but inside  the email Charles lists sharp rises in cost for Jaws
which I cannot see anyone else pick up  maybe I missed it  if you read and
commented regards Dorothy

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