Re: jaws not behaving properly on restart or hibernate mode on laptop

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No sorry I don't.  There is so much variation in configurations these days - particularly with laptops - that it's hard to know where to start. 
I once spent two days trying to figure out why ZoomText wouldn't install on a laptop.  The culpret in the end was a little software widget which came with the laptop which was constantly scanning for a network printer.
Two days to find the widget, 30 seconds to delete it.

  There are so many variations with PC configs these days - particularly with laptops - that it's

On 3-Aug-2010 09:35, John Fioravanti wrote:
Thanks for your thoughts; however, do you have any idea Why this problem should occur simply with a restart as well? 
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Subject: Re: jaws not behaving properly on restart or hibernate mode on laptop

I'm not an expert, but it sounds as if something is not being stored properly when you go into and exit from hybernate mode.
Incidentally, Freedom Scientific does not recommend using either stand-by or hybernate mode with JAWS.
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Subject: jaws not behaving properly on restart or hibernate mode on laptop

Hi: I am using jaws 10 on a toshiba laptop with xp pro. Recently I noticed that when I restart the laptop computer or come out of hibernate mode, the cursors (down and up arrows) in jaws are not behaving properly. In otherwords, e.g., when I go to date and time and move down to read the time setting, for instance, it does not read. Also, in word perfect 8, the cursors read a blank, although if I go one character at a time to the left it will read the letter. 
Interestingly, when I shut down and turn the computer back on, everything works fine. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. John Fioravanti
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